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RK Collections

Buy Banarasi Kora Sarees Online at RK Collections

Welcome to RK Collections, your destination for exquisite Banarasi Kora Sarees. Combining the richness of Banarasi craftsmanship with the finesse of Kora silk, these sarees exude regal elegance and timeless beauty. Each Banarasi Kora Saree is meticulously handwoven, showcasing intricate designs and luxurious textures. Allow us to guide you through the captivating world of Banarasi Kora Sarees.

The Grandeur of Banarasi Kora Sarees:

Banarasi Kora Sarees are known for their opulent designs, intricate patterns, and the use of premium quality Kora silk fabric. These sarees feature motifs inspired by nature, historical art, and traditional patterns, meticulously woven into the fabric with golden or silver zari threads. The result is a saree that radiates grandeur and splendor, making it a perfect choice for weddings and special occasions.

Crafted by Master Weavers:

Our collection showcases Banarasi Kora Sarees that are meticulously handwoven by skilled master weavers from Banaras. These artisans carry forward the legacy of Banarasi weaving, employing time-honored techniques to create sarees that are a blend of artistry and heritage. The dedication and precision in their craftsmanship ensure that each Banarasi Kora Saree is a masterpiece of intricate beauty.

Luxurious Kora Silk Fabric:

Banarasi Kora Sarees are crafted from the finest quality Kora silk fabric, known for its lightweight, sheer, and lustrous characteristics. The delicate yet strong nature of Kora silk adds a touch of elegance to the saree, allowing it to drape gracefully and accentuate the wearer's silhouette. The luxurious feel of Kora silk against the skin enhances the overall experience of wearing a Banarasi Kora Saree.

Versatile Glamour:

Banarasi Kora Sarees effortlessly exude glamour and versatility. Whether it's a wedding, festive celebration, or any special occasion, these sarees make a statement with their intricate weaves and rich color palettes. Pair them with complementing jewelry and accessories to complete your ensemble. The timeless appeal and versatility of Banarasi Kora Sarees allow you to create different looks and embrace your personal style.

Shop Banarasi Kora Sarees:

At RK Collections, we take pride in offering a curated collection of handwoven Banarasi Kora Sarees that capture the essence of tradition and sophistication. Browse through our online store to explore a variety of designs, color combinations, and weaving patterns. With our secure payment options and worldwide shipping, owning a piece of Banarasi luxury is just a few clicks away.


Indulge in the regal elegance and timeless beauty of Banarasi Kora Sarees. Adorn yourself with these handwoven marvels that reflect the rich heritage of Banarasi weaving. Discover the opulence of Kora silk fabric, intricately woven designs, and the captivating allure of Banarasi Kora Sarees. Shop now at RK Collections and embrace the grandeur of these magnificent sarees, elevating your style to new heights on every special occasion.